Pooclock - you log, we log

Q: Whoah whoah whoooah - why do you want to know my salary?

A: We understand that people can be a bit funny about divulging how much they earn. The trouble is, half the fun of the site is knowing how much you’ve earned whilst sitting on the throne, and we can’t work that out without knowing how much you get paid. The two really important things to bear in mind are:

  1. The salary field is completely optional - if you leave it out, we calculate your offering at the UK national minimum wage (currently £5.73 per hour) [editor’s note: this is the figure from 2009 when the site was launched!]
  2. Salaries are logged completely anonymously - we don’t record anything about you other than the time your toilet trip took you, and what it earnt you

Q: Is this site UK only?

A: Well, sort of - in as much as all the calculations are done in pounds sterling and stuff. If there’s enough interest we’ll happily expand it and cater for other currencies too, but in the meantime if you’re that keen, why not use something like xe.com?

Q: Can I track my poo history, say per week or per month?

A: Not at the moment, no. Half the point of the poo clock is to make it as anonymous and unintrusive as possible. We’ve toyed with the idea of allowing user accounts etc and if there is enough demand, we’ll do it.

Q: I went for a number two, but when I came back and clicked "All Done!" I got an error message! Why?

A: This is usually due to the fact that after 30 minutes of inactivity, old "active" logs are automatically flushed out of the system. If you’re being totally honest, that poo never took you half an hour!

Q: What calculations are used to work out how much my salary earns me per minute?

A: You nerd, why do you want to know that? Anyway, if you enter anything other than an hourly salary, we just guess based on normal-ish working conditions: we assume you work a five day week, and a 7.5 hour day.

Q: How can you verifiy the salaries people enter? What if someone enters something like £100,000,000?

A: We can’t control stuff like this - unfortunately anonymity also means we have no way of knowing if people are telling porkies or not. We just hope that they won’t - after all, entering a fake salary doesn’t really gain anyone anything! We do however cap salaries at a certain amount just to stop people being really silly and ruining the averages & totals etc. If you’ve tried to log a poo and we’ve capped it, you can get in touch and we might be able to change it for you.