Pooclock - you log, we log

The World Famous “Poo Clock”

We’ve all wondered at one stage or another how much our time spent on the throne at work is worth. Poo Clock is the answer. Not only can you work out how much your own offerings are earning you, but you can see the cummulative efforts of the entire working world too.


Easy. You let us know when you nip to the toilet, you let us know when you’re done & dusted, and you let us know how much you earn (if you want). With a big of magic, also known as basic maths, we calculate how much you actually earnt for that particular trip to the bog.


You mean you’ve never wondered? Of course you have.

What’s so different about the clock?

You might have seen other ’break’ timers before, but the world famous clock is just a little bit different - never before have the combined efforts’ of the entire world been logged for all to see!